More than the Trees

by Knoisemaker

(free) 01:05


A tribute to the beloved "tunnel of trees" that graced the Illinois Old Rt 50 - between Beckemeyer & Breese. It was tragically "pruned" by IDOT in the fall of 2011, unbeknownst to most who lived there.


released October 24, 2011



Track Name: More than the Trees
These Sycamore Trees are more than the leaves.
They are more than the branches you turned to debris.
Roots run deep across the levee.
It's more than the trees you tore down.

We were told the old highway was closed
to fix up the ditches and work on the road.
Joseph O. Monroe thought no one would know that
it's more than the trees he tore down.

Sawdust from this deed be blood on the hands
of the thoughtless man and the careless plan.
Never again in our lifespan will we
see all the trees they tore down.

Ask anyone around.
It's more than the trees you tore down.